just a few (beauty) bits and pieces

A quick collective haul from last week

1. Gucci by Gucci
Eau de Parfum, 50 ml (39,95€)
I bought this perfume because it was in the "50% off"-sale by Douglas (plus I had a Douglas gift card) and I've wanted to buy a gucci perfume for ages because I really like them. I also love "Première" which is the newest fragrance but unfortunately it wasn't on sale. 
I'll definitely write a whole blog post about this one or my perfume collection since I love reading fragrance-reviews myself and always find myself checking them out before buying a new perfume.

2. OPI- Nail Envy Nail Strengthener
15 ml (14,97€)
One of my new years resolutions was to take better care of my nails. I've never been a nail-person and although I love painting them and have lots of nail polishes, I've never really taken care of the actual nail (including cuticles). My nails are extremely soft, they don't really have a pretty shape and I never take proper care of my cuticles. I've done some research and this product has some excellent reviews.
You have to apply two coats on the first day and then apply one coat every other day. After a week you take off the polish and start the whole process again. 
I started today and will keep you posted throughout the process.

3. Batiste-Dry Shampoo
medium&brunette (2,75€)
This is another item from the "50%off"-Douglas sale. I love the original Batiste Dry Shampoo and since I have brown hair I just wanted to try this one. I use it on second day hair and it leaves my hair looking completely fresh.
If you want to see a demonstration on how I use it, let me know :)

4. Maybelline- Dream Lumi touch Highlighting concealer 
"01 ivory" (9,95€)
This has been such a hyped and talked about product in the beauty scene and I've wanted to try this for ages. I have a lot of different concealers and highlighters and just couldn't justify buying a new one without using up an old one first.
Ever since then I've been using in every single day and although I like it, I don't quite agree with the hype.
I'll continue to wear it though and review it in a couple of weeks for you!

5. Maybelline-Colorama nail polish
"150 mauve kiss" (5,95€)
Nothing really special to say about this one..I just loved the color and wanted to try it out. It's a brown/beige color but has mauve undertones in it. It looks a little bit darker on the nail but I really love it and I think it's perfect for winter.

6. Catrice-Made to stay long lasting eyeshadow 
in the colors "050 Metall of Honor" and "080 Copper&Gabbana" (around 2€ each)
These two were on sale as well and I just couldn't resist. I love wearing cream eyeshadows, either as a base or just all over the lid without anything else. 
I think those two would look perfect together and I could also see myself wearing "Metall of Honor" as an eyeliner too.

7. Vichy-Deodorant Apaisant 24h
-without aluminium salts and perfume (around 10€)
I picked this up because I've recently read some articles about the ongoing discussion on how deodorants that contain aluminium salts might increase the risk of getting breast cancer or damage breast cells. Although there are no studies that show a direct connection between breast cancer and such deodorants I just wanted to be on the safe side ;)

Have a great week!!



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